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Dalila Epperson

Dalila Epperson
U.S. Congress, 19th District Candidate: Dalila Epperson
Candidate NameDalila Epperson
Position SoughtU.S. Congress, 19th District
Website / Social
Facebook: Dalila Epperson
Twitter: @DalilaEpperson
Why are you running for office?These Progressive Policies have now created historically high gas prices and inflation that is only getting worse. On top of this, our Open Borders have killed 105K of our young people in the last year alone due to the thousands of pounds of Fentanyl flowing across the border. Not to mention the Human Trafficking of children and women that's occurring. (And I was on an Anti-Human Trafficking Team with a local church.) Critical Race Theory (an atheistic/Marxist theory) and Gender Ideology (you can choose your gender daily in school) are being taught in our schools without parent's consent both in public and private school curriculums. I've been speaking at schoolboards since last June. The mandates must stop immediately. They are all unconstitutional, and yet people have lost their jobs and their livelihoods over them. Small Businesses are permanently gone from California- 3x the amount then the last 2 years combined. No one is listening! I've been to Sacramento several times in the last year, most recently to oppose the horrifying AB2223 Infanticide bill where your born healthy baby may die 28 days after birth and no legal action, no investigation may be taken, and no consequences of his/her death - they passed it anyway. No one is listening and the leaders in charge no longer represent us. Jimmy Panetta is Nancy Pelosi's WHIP in Congress and he supports all these progressive bills!
What makes you qualified for the job?I have been politically active on a grassroots level for over 20 years. In Jan 2021 I became a grassroots leader: Act Monterey Bay. In Feb 2021 I was an integral team member of a Congressional candidate's run for office. And, I'm a Mama Bear. Congress was always meant to be a congregation of people that represent the people. Currently it's 40% lawyers. That is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind when creating the House of Representatives branch of our government. We need real people to represent all the people. What we have now is a disgrace of power hungry elites. They do not represent any of us.
What are your two main priorities if you win?1) Lower Gas Prices by opening up Keystone and other pipelines.

2) Stop this insane inflation by stopping all bail outs and pandemic checks, and stop all printing of money not backed by the Reserve.
How will you collaborate with other governments? Through tact. There are always ways to negotiate without compromising ethics, and without giving in to what is not wanted by the people I represent. If not, then we must stand strong together for a safer and stronger America and California. This is not about politics, it's about our freedoms.
What are the next two issues that are most important to you?3) Secure the Border! I am a first generation Italian on my mother's side. There is a legal process for immigration that needs to be adhered.

4) Election Integrity is a must. We must have voter ID and the voter rolls must be cleaned up once and for all. Or, we go to paper ballots.
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