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Triton Academy welcomes students with autism back to school

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- Triton Academy for autistic students started in-person learning once again. Students were excited to be back on campus, and to also see the brand new schools or the first time.

The new school was designed to address the needs of students with autism. It first opened last August, but due to the pandemic, only distance-learning was offered, until now.

“We finally have been able to welcome students back,” said Sarah Galloway, who is the principal at Triton Academy.

Last Monday was the first day back and students were able to see the school for the first time.

“The kids were just so elated to be back at school and to see our new facility so it was a double of happiness,” said Galloway.

“It is pretty big and there is lots of stuff to do, and there is a lot of areas and rooms,” said Cole Kembel, an 8th grader at Triton Academy. “It is certainly bigger than the other location.”

The school serves kids from 3rd through 12th grade. There are 76 students in total and nearly 50 returned for in-person learning. The school says all safety protocols are in place and the kids are doing a great job respecting the rules.

“It has been pretty fun, because I have been spending a lot of time away from my friends and isolated with my family so I can’t see my friends other than the friends I have on my counsel or my games,” said Kembel.

“We really had kids struggling at home,” said Galloway. “Some students were having behavior issues that you hadn’t seen in so long. Behaviors that we had worked on and then they went home and didn’t have that structure or routine.”

For more information about the Triton Academy, click here.

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