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Avila Beach was a popular location for visitors escaping the heat

AVILA BEACH, Calif.- Avila Beach was a busy location as visitors came out to enjoy the beach and beat the heat.

Visitors from different areas for California came out to the beach to escape the heat.

“Right now in Fresno, it's like 104. The heat is reaching there. And it's getting really humid and hot. So that's why we came here, to get some fresh air,” said, Fresno residents Nancy & Rafael Reynoso.

“I just got out of the heat where I think we're expecting 105 again, but it feels like 110,” said, Paso Robles resident Ralph Salas.

Some business say the heat has brought in more customers to their store.

“The heat has been bringing in so many people. It's extremely busy and we love it. We love it,” said Hula Hut employee Liz Carrasco.

Tony Almanza

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