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Best Buy to pay $633,570 to settle case over return policies

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Best Buy has agreed to pay $633,570 to settle a lawsuit over its pricing and return policy.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley, along with the district attorneys of Alameda, Riverside and San Diego counties, settled a consumer-protection action against Best Buy Stores. They say the lawsuit was centered around Best Buy's practice of misrepresenting the price of items sold and its return policy.

The electronics giant must institute changes to business practices.

Without admitting liability, Best Buy agreed to pay $449,065 in civil penalties, $109,505 in costs, and $75,000.00 in restitution.  Of these funds, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office will receive $112,266 in civil penalties and $20,000 in costs.  The Santa Barbara County Weights & Measures Department will receive $3,840 in costs.

District Attorney Dudley said, “Consumers are entitled to being charged the lowest advertised price, and to return policies with clear and conspicuous terms. We are grateful that Best Buy cooperated and agreed to modify its practices.  If you believe you have been the victim of consumer fraud you can file a complaint with my office and we will investigate it, no matter the size of the company.” 

The District Attorney website explains how to submit a consumer complaint form. Consumer complaint forms are available in both English and Spanish.

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