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Prom is a go for Ventura County Seniors

VENTURA, Calif. -- One Ventura County man is doing what he can to put together a night to remember for the 2020 and 2021 Senior Class in Ventura County.

After his regular job of delivering mail, Chris Bareng is hard at work trying to create something all high school seniors in Ventura County can celebrate: a prom.

“I am just trying to give back to all of the seniors to make sure they do have the opportunity to have a senior prom,” said Bareng, who is organizing the prom.

Bareng first thought of the idea last year when he watched his nephew miss out on senior traditions because of the pandemic.

“Totally canceled their senior year, senior activities,” said Bareng. “Grad night, that got taken away from them and again this year basically their whole senior year got taken away. I was like I have to give them at least something.”

Bareng has now created a prom not just for the class of 2021, but also for last year's seniors. The dance is scheduled for May 22nd and the 23rd. Saturday will be for high schools located on the Westside of the county, and Sunday will be for the Eastern side.

“The way we were going to do it is like a senior prom grad night deal,” said Bareng. “So it will be like going around Disneyland and there is different DJs and different types of music, and they will be able to roam around.”

Local reggae band Dirty Rice will provide live entertainment. Organizers are still looking for a venue, but they say safety protocols will be enforced.

“We will make sure that everyone is wearing a mask, and we will have temperatures screened,” said Bareng. “We will have a couple of people working at the hospital volunteer. It will pretty much be like if you went to Disneyland. They will do your screen checks and makes sure you’re not sick.”

Ticket prices range from $60-90 dollars.

For more information, click here.

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