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Santa Barbara voters unswayed by final presidential debate

Final presidential debate
Blake DeVine/KEYT
People watched the final presidential debate at Joe's Cafe on Thursday.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — A clash in Nashville took place tonight between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Yet, on State Street in Santa Barbara most televisions were turned into an NFL football game on Thursday night. 

For local resident Cynthia Maez, the final debate had seemingly drifted away from her thoughts during dinner at Joe’s Cafe. 

“I got here and had forgotten about it,” Maez said. “I’m definitely going to go and see it, it’s very important.”

A group of foreign exchange students took interest in the debate from inside the restaurant. 

“It’s actually interesting to see the interaction, to see how it goes,” William Dayel said. “I’m really concerned for everybody globally.”

Marlene Hudson watched from the comfort of her couch at home.

“President Trump was very much in command where as Vice President Biden was not,” Hudson said. “He did a lot of laughing and facial grimaces.”

Opposing microphones between both candidates were muted throughout the evening, allowing for a civilized exchange of views.

“I thought the mute button was really good,” Lisa Raphael said. “Just the threat of it caused them to not talk over each other.”

“This was a much better debate because there wasn’t as much interrupting,” Bob Hudson added.

Despite differing takeaways, most people have already made up their minds when it comes to the presidential election.  

“I completely support the president based on his record,” Mr. Hudson said. “Based on what I read about what Joe Biden wants to do, it scares me.”

“I would probably vote for Daffy Duck if he were running against Trump,” Maez concluded.

According to the Santa Barbara County Elections office, over 82,000 registered voters have already mailed in their ballots. 

In-person polling will open early to allow more time to vote on Saturday, October 31st and running through Tuesday, November 3rd.

Watch tonight on KEYT NewsChannel 3, KCOY News Channel 12 and KKFX Fox 11 news.

(More information, video and pictures will be added here later today.)

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