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Grover Beach Mayor

Elizabeth Doukas

Elizabeth Doukas
Elizabeth Doukas - Candidate for Mayor of Grover Beach

Candidate for Mayor of Grover Beach

Facebook: @elizabethdoukasformayor
Other: IG: @itslizzyd
Why are you running for office?: As a 20-year resident and active community volunteer and advocate, I am a candidate for the office of mayor so that I can make the much-needed changes we've been waiting for ! Increased transparency in government, allowing the citizens a greater say in what happens in their city. "Smart growth" to allow for a better quality of life. Stringent use of K-14 Bond monies for intended infrastructure, maintenance and upkeep of all city streets. Working towards and solving our homeless crisis-we need a facility that was promised a year ago. Create a tree canopy ordinance that is sorely lacking and was also promised years ago but never came to fruition. Code enforcement and civic improvements for cleaner and safer neighborhoods.
What makes you qualified for the job?: My career and experience as a court reporter on the local, state and federal levels has shown me the legal side of how cities and states are run and the roadblocks to progress. My desire and commitment to this city to progress and thrive, my many years of community involvement in attending city council, planning commission, visioning workshops and special meetings, talking with the many citizens who have the same concerns as I do, is what will make me a "can do" mayor to work together to accomplish long-standing goals of a true destination city. There will be a lot to learn but I am willing to put in the time, listen to our citizens, and start implementing and finishing our goals for clean and safe neighborhoods into our future. 
What are your two main priorities if you win?: One of my main goals is to solve this homeless crises by actually putting the money where it needs to go - creating and establishing a well-maintained homeless shelter for the needs of our homeless community. We are all in this together and only together can we solve this.

My other main priority is full and complete transparency in government, especially involving our K-14 infrastructure monies, so that I can and will be a good steward of all our taxpayer dollars. Our citizens need to be involved and especially need to be heard when it comes to their city and what we can do to improve our quality of life, maintain our facilities, and make sure we're simply doing our job for the citizens.
How will you interact with other governments?: Even though I would represent one city, we are all in this together and any help, revenue streams, grant monies, should all be used in conjunction with other levels of government to ensure prosperity for all. We live in a beautiful place by the sea, we should be a destination city, and I would work with any governmental agency in order to ensure our involvement and our needs are met.
What are your plans to help overcome COVID-19?: Follow state guidelines, get our infection rates down while continuing to help our local businesses by being as proactive as we can in keeping these revenue streams and employment opportunities as viable as possible. It's going to be a slow and painful and steady process to get as back to normal as we can. I see pocket parks as a new way of life, keep giving grant monies to our businesses, and strive to keep them recognized, open and running !!
Which two issues are most important to you?: Just representing ALL citizens that live here, play here, and their expectations that we will always "take care of business," which means we are taking care of them. As I've walked campaigning, citizens feel not heard, not listened to, and that has been a problem in Grover Beach by limiting citizen involvement - which is the one thing that can propel us forward, listening to all their concerns. Income streams are of utmost importance and we must continue to make sure our marijuana, TOT, 1/2 cent sales tax monies, gas tax monies, etc., are being used and directed properly, that there is strict adherence to the laws governing them, so that we can maximize and increase our income streams.
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