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Caltrans reminds drivers to drive safely during downpour

rain moving in and people don't seem to mind
Top down
Tracy Lehr / NewsChannel 3-12

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif.--Storm clouds appeared off the coast on Tuesday, and they could bring a downpour overnight.

People on the beach by UCSB could see a standup paddler battling high surf and windy conditions.

One person driving his dad's convertible said he would make sure to put the top up when he gets home.

Jim Shivers of the Caltrans San Luis Obispo area said, "It is very important for motorists to make sure when driving in poor weather conditions that tires are in good shapes, brakes have been checked, wipers are in good order, and we want to make sure everyone obeys the current and proper speed limits wherever they may be, and the most important thing is to drive safely through any construction zone, or where law enforcement or tow trucks might be present."

If the storm brings snow to high elevations it could cause people who usually drive Interstate 5 to detour onto the 101.

Forecasters don't think the storm will impact the burn areas, but it will impact roads.

Some people walking along the shore said they won't mind the rain or the chance of thunder and lightening since it has been such a dry winter.

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