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Heat advisory in effect this week throughout the Central Coast

Pismo Beach
Beachgoers line Pismo Beach during Monday afternoon when temperatures climbed to nearly 100 degrees. (Dave Alley/KEYT)

PISMO BEACH, Calif. -- A heat advisory is now in effect throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

According to the National Weather Service, daytime temperatures are expected to reach into the 90's, with overnight low temperatures forecast to be in the 60's to mid-70's in foothill locations.

On Monday, the temperature in Pismo Beach soared to 98 degrees, well above the seasonal average.

"It's really hot today," said Jenelle Chickering of Grover Beach, while spending part of her Monday afternoon in Pismo Beach. "It's been hotter a lot recently."

Coastal locations such as Pismo Beach and Morro Bay, which reached 93 degrees, both recorded high temperatures hotter than Paso Robles.

Paso Robles recorded a high on Monday of 91 degrees, a surprising low number when compared to coastal locations it typically can outnumber by a significant margin.

"I thought the breeze would be a lot stronger, cooler, like it usually is, but this is just one hot day," said Maggie Galindo of Santa Maria, while on the Pismo Pier. "Feels like it's mid-July. Hot. Humid. Great to be in the water I would guess. I didn't go. I stayed in a nice cool restaurant."

The temperatures were even warmer than several places in the San Joaquin Valley, where many of the visitors to Pismo Beach travel from.

"We're from Fresno. It was very, very warm in Fresno, so we knew the beach would be nice and it is," said Nataesha Mitchell. "The water is cold, but the sun and the water, they go great together."

The heat advisory is in effect through 5 p.m Wednesday.

The National Weather Service is advising people to take precautions, such as staying hydrated, avoiding direct sunlight, and checking on relatives and neighbors that are vulnerable.

Despite breezy conditions throughout Monday, particularly during the early morning hours, there are currently no wind advisories in effect as of Monday night.

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Dave Alley

Dave Alley is a reporter and anchor at KCOY|KEYT|KKFX.


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