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Scorpion Anchorage popular during pandemic

Scorpion Anchorage popular during pandemic
Scorpian Anchorage kayaking
Tracy Lehr / NewsChannel 3-12

CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK, Calif. - A pier replacement project is almost complete at Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island.

It takes about an hour to get there on an Island Packer trip that leaves the Ventura Harbor daily, weather permitting.

The anchorage is considered a best-kept secret for people who want to get away and enjoy nature.

Island Packers is limiting the number of people on board during these trips and requiring masks at all times.

"We find so much pleasure to be able to get people out to the National Park that we were ready to do whatever regulations were whatever was implemented. Definitely in full support to make sure we stay safe and healthy and get outdoors and enjoy the Santa Barbara Channel and the beautiful Channel Islands," said marine biologist Holly Lohuis of Island Packers.

One of the highlights of visiting Scorpion is kayaking. Kayakers can bring their own or sign up for Channel Islands Kayaking Tours.

Other visitors enjoy camping and hiking and some even make major life decisions.

Thomas Dempsey of Ventura planned a trip with the intentions of proposing during a hike.

"We went on a little hike and I proposed to my best friend and she said 'Yes,'" said Dempsey.

His new fiancee, Colleen Turpen, showed off her ring and said, " Here's the proof."

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