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Health experts weigh in on effects of COVID-19 mutation


SANTA MARIA, Calif. - As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, health experts are learning that it’s starting to mutate.

So far, the CDC has confirmed virus mutations in several countries including the United States with at least 40 cases in California.

“The Covid mutation means the virus is changing. It’s just trying to live in new environments,” says Dr. Sagar Asodia with JDX Pharmacy.

Dr. Scott Robertson with Marian Regional Medical Center says the information about the mutation is still in its preliminary stage in the United States and over seas.

"What we think is likely going on is that this mutated virus is more easily transmittable,“ says Robertson.

Robertson says while this is concerning, the mutation is not necessarily developing a more serious disease, “Most importantly, it’s not affecting the vaccine’s ability to prevent COVID-19.”

Dr. Sagar Asodia with JDX Pharmacy says the mutations aren’t a major concern at this time.

“The mutations aren’t necessarily a big worry as of right now, because they’re only being done by 1% of the actual virus itself,” says Asodia.

Asodia just received his first dose of the vaccine.

As the vaccine continues to roll out, both Asodia and Robertson hope everyone will get vaccinated.

“We still think that both the vaccines that are available for distribution in the United States are highly effective. As we continue to roll out the vaccination process, we encourage anyone offered a vaccine, to get vaccinated,” says Robertson.

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