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Health experts tackle more COVID-19 vaccine misinformation


SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Dr. Chuck Merrill of Dignity Health says many of the misinformation he hears about the COVID-19 vaccine are from young adults.

"There’s a lot of false notion‘s out there among the public. I’ve heard young adults think it is OK for them to go ahead and get infected because they probably won’t get that sick," said Merrill.

He goes on to explain how this is not “sound thinking.”

"Because we know young adults and children can have serious sequelae if they’re not vaccinated," said Merrill.

Merrill says this is a chance to encourage vaccination for the good of the whole population, not just the person getting it.

Sagar Asodia at JDX Pharmacy says he's facing similar issues.

"When it comes to unvaccinated folks I believe it’s misinformation … that’s the biggest issue were having to combat right now," said Asodia.

He believes much of the information his unvaccinated clients are reading is not from a health expert.

"Unfortunately you could write anything on the Internet and it could be published and people will believe it if it’s written," said Asodia.

Asodia remains frustrated as some clients still choose not to get vaccinated.

"So right now we’re barely passing the 50% mark in the US … and for a country like ours that’s pretty sad … especially with all the access we have the vaccinations … almost anyone could walk into any retail pharmacy right now and get the vaccination for free … however people are still not doing it," said Asodia.

"Yeah I do want to say people think that it’s okay for kids to go ahead and get the virus because then they’ll be immune to it … that is not a good way to think," said Merrill.

Merrill says COVID is not something you want to take any chances on with your kids.

"There was a study in Britain that showed about 8% of children who get sick actually have long-term symptoms," said Merrill.

If you have questions or doubts about the vaccine, health experts say, talk to your doctor.

You can get an appointment by going to the state's My Turn website or calling 2-1-1.

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