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The I Madonnari chalk festival wraps up

KEYT- Billy Schulte

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The I Madonnari festival shows us the in depth works of art that can come from chalk.

Monday marks the last day of the popular Street Painting festival known as I Madonnari. “Madonnari” is the Italian word for street painter.

This festival, which is celebrating its 36th anniversary, features over 100 street paintings drawn in chalk on the grounds outside the Santa Barbara Mission.

No matter what your artistic tastes, there seems to be something that speaks to everyone. Attendees Anne Claire Cain and Richard Caine emphasized the child friendly aspect of the festival and were eager to visit the kid's section.

Many artists love the festival because of the sense of community it provides. Artist Shayak Mitra described the transition from feeling isolated during the pandemic to feeling enlivened after seeing the turnout at I Madonnari this year.

In addition to art the festival showcases live music and food from several new local vendors.

Mina Wahab

Arab-American producer & reporter with a mission to dig deep in interviews, share authentically, shed light on the issues that matter, and provoke deep thought.

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