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One flight delayed at Santa Barbara Airport after minor accident

Alex Zauner/KEYT

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – One flight leaving the Santa Barbara Airport was delayed on Thursday morning after a small airplane was slightly damaged during a landing, according to the Santa Barbara Airport.

A small plane was damaged while attempting to land at the airport, and while it was a "very minor" incident with no injuries, it took about an hour to receive permission from the proper authorities to clear the plane, according to Angi Daus, spokeswoman for the airport.

"Normally in this situation, we would have just cleared the plane right away," Daus told News Channel 3-12. "But because of the way it landed, and where it landed, we had to call the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Board of Transportation to clear it off the runway."

Daus explained that the delay came from the airport waiting to hear back from the agencies.

One Southwest flight to Las Vegas was delayed for about an hour, and then, "naturally that delay dominoed to other flights slightly," Daus said, adding that there were already delays coming from the Las Vegas airport on Thursday that had no relation to the accident or the Santa Barbara Airport.

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