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Santa Barbara City Fire rescues dog at Douglas Family Preserve

Cliff rescue 080520
Santa Barbara City Fire Department

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Santa Barbara City Fire rescued a dog off a cliff at the Douglas Family Preserve on Wednesday afternoon.

City fire responded to reports of a dog that fell off a cliff at around 2:05 p.m. at the Douglas Family Preserve.

Firefighters arrived to find a small black down on the side of the cliff. They contacted the owner. The dog was walking off leash when it fell off the cliff.

Firefighters say the dog was approximately 30 feet below and that the angle was steep.

Firefighters set up a rope rescue system and lowered one firefighter equipped with a special dog harness down to the location of the dog.

Firefighters were also positioned down on the beach to coordinate the rescue and help direct the rescuer to the dog.

After the 15 minute operation, the dog was found and reunited with its owner.

The Fire Department would like to remind people that cliffs are dangerous and you should try to keep your pets and yourself away from the edge.

Julia Nguyen

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