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Local entrepreneurs swipe credit cards clean, in a good way, during pandemic

SANTA BARBARA, Calif - Two men with entrepreneurial skills are making the rounds in Santa Barbara and Goleta, adding another layer of security for shoppers and businesses.

SaniSwiper co-founders Joe Debruynkops (lft) and Brandon Crane (rt) (Credit: Beth Farnsworth)

"It's something that we all think about when people are handling our cards, we want to disinfect them," said Brandon Crane, Co-Founder of SaniSwiper. "Like my mom, for example. She's always going home, she's spraying down her cards after she goes shopping. So, it's just a nice device to have."

Crane, a graduate of UC Berkeley, and his business partner, Joe Debruynkops, launched the SaniSwiper device two weeks ago. So far, they've installed the sanitizing equipment in half a dozen business locations, including Dave's Dogs and The Anderson's Restaurant and Bakery.

Dave's Dogs Grill has a SaniSwiper for customers (Credit: SaniSwiper)

"People, when I put it up, thought it was for Apple Pay and I'm like, 'No, no no .. watch this!'" said Charlotte Anderson, Owner of The Andersen's Restaurant & Bakery. "So I put the cards through and I have nothing but a feedback of like, you know, happiness, that we're actually doing something to sanitize." 

Andersen's Bakery on State St. also installed the SaniSwiper (Credit: Beth Farnsworth)

"So the way it works is, when the cashier is done handling the card, instead of handing the card directly back to me, the cashier will put it through the top, then the customer will pull it from the bottom and it comes out disinfected with a little hydrogen peroxide," Crane said as he demonstrated the product.

Crane said his strength lies in the "business end" while Debruynkops said he's focused on the design and manufacturing elements. The sanitizing units are manufactured in a Carpinteria warehouse using a biodegradable plastic and 3D printers. SanSwiper retails for less than $50 dollars.

"It's actually not sticky at all," Debruynkops said, while holding a freshly cleaned card. "It's just a little damp, that's all. But it shows you that it's actually being disinfected and that your card is gonna be clean."

The motto behind their invention boasts that the standing device "stops the spread of germs and viruses for every transaction."

"I think that a SaniSwiper should be everyplace where a credit card is processed in the United States and hopefully the world," Debruynkops said.

For more information or to order a SaniSwiper unit for your business, click the following link:

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Beth Farnsworth

Beth Farnsworth is the evening anchor for KEYT NewsChannel 3.