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Gambian women’s voices on COVID-19 vaccines: “We are afraid”


By The Associated Press

SERREKUNDA, Gambia (AP) — Oyster harvesting in Gambia is considered women’s work. It’s a grueling task. They paddle rickety boats, then get into crocodile-infested water up to their necks to lay nets. Many of the women are the sole family breadwinners, and that burden has only intensified with the pandemic’s economic hardships. Oysters bring income just two months a year. The rest of year, the nets catch crabs and small fish. The TRY Oyster Women’s Association represents more than 500 women, many of whom are reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID-19. These women fish under darkness of night without fear but are anxious about the vaccine. They say they can’t miss a day of work if it means being sidelined because of effects from the jab.

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