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Rep. Salud Carbajal expects to see swift changes after the Presidential inauguration

Salud Carbajal 01152021
Rep. Salud Carbajal (D)-24th District says he looks forward to a new administration in the White House that focuses on what unites Americans in a time of division. (Photo: John Palminteri)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - On a brief visit back in his district prior to the Presidential Inauguration Rep. Salud Carbajal (D)-24th District says he expects an aggressive start to the administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Carbajal says on the day of the inauguration, "I will literally be at the inauguration." in person.

He says he is looking forward to "seeing the peaceful transition of power, the ceremonies involved, in a socially distant way. Certainly this year it is not an inauguration like we have seen."

Security is at an extremely high level, with over 25,000 National Guard troops on the scene following recent violence, arrests and deaths at the State Capital.

Heavy fencing is up in the area of the inauguration activities.

After the ceremony, Carbajal says the Congress will be "starting anew and moving forward solutions to the many challenges the country faces, to the needs of our people, especially here on the Central Coast. I am excited what this new leaf means for our country and the Central Coast."

One of the first injections of assistance to the public will be the next round of stimulus money. "This is going to provide direct payments to individuals beyond the $600. and hopefully another $1400. That will equal a total of $2000, " said Carbajal. "I think it is very likely," he said that the plan will be passed quickly.

Realizing there are many who are upset with the results of the recently election, Carbajal says, "we live in the best democracy in the world, the best country in the world. Despite our divisions we have more in common than divides us."

Going forward, he indicated there will be across the board programs for all sectors of the Central Coast. "If we could look towards  at those things that unite us as a country and as a people and see that our future will continue to be bright if we work together. That should give us hope for the future," said Carbajal.

In a time of differences, "we should work to not squander that collaboration that I think is greatly needed at this time during these great times of division."

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