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Orcutt students return to St. Joseph High School

ORCUTT, Calif. – Some students in Orcutt are returning to campus Tuesday for the first time since March.

On campus learning is happening on St. Joseph High School campus, with restrictions.

For the past month, a group of 14 students were allowed on campus legally to get support on distance learning.

Even though this group was on campus for a few weeks, there was no actual on campus teaching and learning going.

However, as soon as Governor Gavin Newsom and Santa Barbara County Public Health gave the high school a green light for on campus learning with restrictions, those 14 students went to their class for the first time today to see their teachers for in person learning.

St. Joseph High School Principal Erinn Dougherty says she is happy that this transition is finally happening.

“We’re incredibly excited and proud of all that we done to make this a safer experience,” said Dougherty. “We’re ready because we know our students, those who desire on campus learning, they’ve been ready to come back, it’s been a long 7 months.”

Students will have the option to go back to school for in-person learning or stay at home and continue with distance learning.

But for those students who decided to come back will be required to wear all masks, maintain physical distance, and follow other guidelines.

According to St. Joseph High School, freshman through seniors will be back on campus fully operating with restrictions as soon as next week.

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