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Ventura County discusses in-person education plans

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VENTURA, Calif. - Ventura County Public Health says they are still seeing a downward trend in Covid-19 numbers.

Schools are getting prepared to reopen once its safe.

The Ventura County Office of Education says all of the districts have plans to begin in-person education once the county gets into the red tier.

The frame work for reopening might look a little different for each district, but most schools will be using a hybrid mode of education, with a mix of in-person and physically distanced learning.

Ventura County Office of Education Superintendent Stan Mantooth says the hybrid learning will be due to student capacity issues.

“Students will be kept as much as possible in small common cohorts during the school day," Mantooth said. "This way if we do get an outbreak then we may not have to shutdown the school. We may just have to shut down a classroom, or a wing of that school.”

Masks will be required for every student from 3rd grade and above. School equipment will frequently be sanitized as well.

There are already 28 schools that have reopened through the waiver program, all but one of those schools being private.

The county is currently in the purple tier for re-opening.

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Cassie Amundson

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