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One week out to the Gubernatorial recall election, most voters still holding their ballots

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - With the California Gubernatorial recall election a week away, most voters have not cast their ballots

In Santa Barbara County, 30 percent of the ballots have been returned.

238,000 ballots were sent out, and as of Monday morning, only 74,000 ballots have been returned.

This is a mail-in election. Voters can cast their ballot, drop it in a U.S. post office box or one of the special election drop boxes set up around the county.

"It's a very simple ballot," said Joe Holland, Santa Barbara County Clerk, Recorder and Assessor.

If you don't vote by mail or at an election box you can vote at any of the county election polling places on election day. There will be 54 polling places set up.

If you mail your ballot on Election day it will count if is postmarked on Election day and received by seven days after the election.

To follow your ballot, you can sign up on or You'll receive an email when your ballot is received.

"If you have lost your ballot just go to the election's office or a polling place and we will help you out," said Holland.

Poll workers have received their training for the upcoming election.

This election is costing Santa Barbara County $2.8 million. That's about $12.00 a ballot.

Voter Lucinda Arago said she was surprised at the light turnout so far. "I don't understand that and it's only when you have been in countries like I have where you don't get to vote or where the vote doesn't count.  I don't think we appreciate what a privilege it is to be able to vote in this country."

Also trying to reason out the turnout trend so far was voter Shaun Freitas as he cast a ballot at the main elections office. "They are just not taking the steps that they have, the ability to make their situation better on a worldwide scale and on a home front scale."

Fran Finney voted after some time to hear any last minute pitches. "I held off until this week I wanted to see if the party was giving us an idea that there was a candidate as an option that they wanted us to chose.  I waited to see if there was any advice in that area. "

100-year old  Billy  Brown and did not sit this one out.  He made it in person Tuesday.  He said he doesn't miss elections and talked about voting all the way back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Another man has been voting since the 1950's.   

Albert Lindemann said, "If you don't vote you have no right to complain about what is going on outside afterwards.    It is such an easy thing to do.   Many people died to get that right and people don't (vote)  because they are lazy or whatever ."

As she drove up to vote, Bridget McKanna had this advice. "Don't be complacent.  Don't be apathetic.    It matters. "

On election day there will also be 54 county polling places if you want to go in person, as a choice, in addition to the drop off sites.

Holland also said, "if you've lost your ballot just go to one of the polling places and we will help you out  you might have to vote provisional but  that's OK.   Your vote will count.  "

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