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How far is the US from a 100% renewable energy future?

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How far is the US from a 100% renewable energy future?

Wind turbines located on a beautiful mountain landsape

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Models show the feasibility of a green-energy future

Donut chart showing renewable energy potential

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Variations in potential resources determine how states would source green energy

Renewable energy potential in every state

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Renewable energy infrastructure could create jobs across the US

Two young people work at a solar power station

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100% renewable energy could mean major cost savings

Cost savings under renewables every state

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31 states have active renewable energy targets

Renewable Energy Targets every state

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Every state still relies on majority fossil fuels for energy consumption

Renewable energy consumption by state

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Challenges remain in meeting 100% renewable energy by 2050

An engineer in a blue suit and protective helmet installing a stand-alone solar photovoltaic panel system

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