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Looting bears near South Lake Tahoe photographed by SLO police officers

San Luis Obispo Police Department

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. -- San Luis Obispo police captured a photo of some furry "looters" in the South Lake Tahoe area on Tuesday.

San Luis Obispo police are in the area of South Lake Tahoe to help aid El Dorado County Sheriff's Office with the Caldor Fire evacuations.

During their patrol on evacuated neighborhoods, Officer Stahnke and Sergeant Dickel found that a home had been "looted" by three unlikely suspects.

Officer Stahnke and Sergeant Dickel captured some pictures of a mama bear and her cubs, catching them red-handed after they entered an evacuated home in the area.

The officer shared a photo of a home being destroyed.

Ventura police say many homes were broken into by these wild animals, they say without humans in the area scaring them away, the bears got bold and broke into the home searching for food and/or water.

According to police, as many as 40 homes were broken into by the animals.

Wildlife animals are usually the overlooked victims of a wildfire.

Due to the loss of resources in a wildfire, these animals are making their way into residential areas in search of food and water.

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