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Santa Barbara OES releases tips for keeping your home and family safe while traveling for the holidays

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Holidays are right around the corner. Some are traveling for Thanksgiving this weekend and Santa Barbara’s Office of Emergency Services wants to make sure your family and home are safe while you travel.

AAA estimates about 4.4 million people from Southern California will travel for Thanksgiving. 86% of them are expected to travel by car. Others will take airplanes, buses or trains.

Yolanda McGlinchey is Santa Barbara’s emergency services manager. She said the most important thing someone can do while traveling is to create an itinerary.

That itinerary should include where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you’ll need to bring. It’s also important to share that itinerary with someone you can trust, either a neighbor or a family member. That way if there’s an emergency they know how to find you or where you are expected to be.

McGlinchey also said it’s important to protect your home while you travel. She suggests leaving lights on or being able to turn lights on and off remotely through your phone, if installed. Asking a neighbor to check on the home regularly and pick up mail or newspapers, is also a good idea. 

And when traveling with a big group, keep an extra eye on everyone. McGlinchey said to make a plan to keep everyone together. Don’t let anyone go to the bathroom alone, especially little kids.

Keeping everyone close together will help make sure everyone makes it to the destination together.

For more safety tips visit the Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Services Facebook page.

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