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Heat wave comes with sizzling interior temperatures and warnings

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - An early June heat wave over the next few days will have a dynamic difference between the interior valleys and the coastal shores, but it's enough to have warnings in place.

After a foggy morning on the Santa Barbara waterfront the temperatures today will be in the 70's. Expect an increase of at least five degrees tomorrow.

Los Olivos will be in the 90's this weekend when the heat wave settles in.

 On Stearns Wharf,  even though the first day of Summer isn't until June 21st, you could see the trends shaping up.

"The weekends are super,  super busy starting with Memorial Day," said musician Jason Frost. "It's really ramped up in the past week or so and basically it feels like it's summer for me.   The fish are jumpin'.  The people are jumping.  It is a great time."   

Almost every day is busy now,  except for possibly Monday, "but then days after that  it starts picking up all the way to Sunday night and then it cools down,"  said musician Ken Morby.

Those who are on or near the water  for recreation but especially if they are fishing,  are seeing a difference when it gets warmer.

Tino De Guevara was enjoying pier fishing and said, "we try to fish ahead of that, we know this heat wave is coming and it will effect the fishing so we  try to get the day before."

When the water warms, he said, "you're going to see cuda out here   you're going to see a lot more  Calico bass   and different species of fish showing up ."   

Nearby Kyle Foreman checked his crab net and said, "that one trap I had there were six crabs in it." He said however, increasing heat in the air temperature did not have an impact on the crabs.

He did agree with others, the fishing conditions will change. "When the water temperature gets to a certain point they (seasonal fish} have a tendency to come in and they start catching  thresher shark.  I fish for bat rays."

He said compared to his days in Seattle, the Santa Barbara weather was not a concern for him, even when it warms up.

He enjoyed his time on the pier rather than his days working full time with packaging materials. "A bad day fishing is better than any good day at work!"

The forecasted temperatures meet the criteria for an advisory message on in English and Spanish:

Excessive Heat Event June 10-11, 2022

An Excessive Heat Watch and an Excessive Heat Warning have been issued by the National Weather Service for parts of Santa Barbara County due to expected high temperatures. The Excessive Heat Watch and Excessive Heat Warnings are both in effect from Friday (June 10) at 10am to Saturday (June 11) at 10pm. More info:

Precautions and Tips to Stay Cool:

  • Take care of those who might not be aware of the danger or be able to react accordingly – especially the elderly, young children, and pets. Check on your neighbors.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Lightweight, light-colored, loose fitting clothing works best.
  • Drink plenty of cool, non-alcoholic beverages, especially those without sugar or caffeine. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink. If you have fluid restrictions from your doctor, ask to see how much you should drink while the weather is hot.
  • Limit outdoor activity. Try to schedule outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day, like morning and evening hours. Be sure to wear sunscreen and rest often.
  • Take regular breaks in the shade or in an air-conditioned room. A few hours in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler. Taking a cool shower or bath can help too.
  • If you do not have air‐conditioning, consider arranging to spend at least parts of the day at another space that is cool. Electric fans may provide comfort, but when the temperature is in the high 90s, they will not prevent heat-related illness.
  • For those who work outside, be sure to take frequent rest breaks in a shaded area or air-conditioned room, if possible. Stay hydrated and take action by moving to a cooler space if you feel signs of heat exhaustion.
  • Know the signs of heat exhaustion. If someone becomes dizzy, nauseated, or sweats heavily, find a cooler location for him or her immediately.
  • Know the signs of heat stroke. Heat stroke is much more serious than heat exhaustion. The symptoms are similar to heat exhaustion, but also include hot, flushed skin. With heat stroke, the person often stops sweating and the skin will be unusually dry. If heat stroke is a possibility, call 911 immediately. Heat stroke is life threatening!
  • Do not leave children (and pets) unattended in vehicles. It only takes a matter of minutes on a relatively mild day for a vehicle to reach deadly temperatures.

El Servicio Meteorológico Nacional emitió un Aviso de Calor Excesivo y una Advertencia de Calor Excesivo para partes del condado de Santa Bárbara debido a altas temperaturas esperadas. El Aviso de Calor Excesivo y la Advertencia de Calor Excesivo están en efecto desde el viernes (10 de junio) a las 10 am hasta el sábado (11 de junio) a las 10 pm. Más información:

Precauciones y consejos para mantenerse fresco:

  • Cuide a aquellos que no sean conscientes del peligro o no puedan reaccionar en consecuencia, especialmente las personas de mayor edad, los niños pequeños y las mascotas. Este pendiente de sus vecinos.
  • Use ropa adecuada. La ropa liviana, de colores claros y holgada funciona mejor.
  • Beba muchas bebidas frescas no alcohólicas, especialmente aquellas sin azúcar o cafeína. No espere hasta tener sed para beber. Si tiene restricciones de líquidos por parte de su médico, pregunte cuánto debe beber mientras hace calor.
  • Limite la actividad al aire libre. Trate de programar actividades al aire libre durante las horas más frescas del día, como las horas de la mañana y la noche. Asegúrese de usar protector solar y descansar con frecuencia.
  • Tome descansos regulares a la sombra o en una habitación con aire acondicionado. Unas horas de aire acondicionado pueden ayudar a que su cuerpo se mantenga más fresco. Tomar una ducha o un baño frío también puede ayudar.
  • Si no tiene aire acondicionado, considere hacer arreglos para pasar al menos parte del día en otro espacio que sea fresco. Los ventiladores eléctricos pueden dar comodidad, pero cuando la temperatura está por los 90 grados, no evitarán las enfermedades relacionadas con el calor.
  • Para aquellos que trabajan al aire libre, asegúrese de tomar descansos frecuentes en un área con sombra o en una habitación con aire acondicionado, si es posible. Manténgase hidratado y actúe moviéndose a un lugar más fresco si siente signos de agotamiento por calor.
  • Conozca los signos del agotamiento por calor. Si alguien se marea, tiene náuseas o suda mucho, busque un lugar más fresco para él o ella inmediatamente.
  • Conozca los signos de insolación. La insolación es mucho más serio que el agotamiento por calor. Los síntomas son similares al agotamiento por calor, pero también incluyen piel caliente y enrojecida. Con la insolación, la persona a menudo deja de sudar y la piel estará inusualmente seca. Si existe la posibilidad de insolación, llame al 911 de inmediato. ¡ La insolación es potencialmente mortal!
  • No deje a los niños (y mascotas) sin cuidado en los vehículos. Solo se necesitan unos minutos en un día relativamente templado para que un vehículo alcance temperaturas letales.

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