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Pismo Beach packed with visitors over the weekend

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Visitors packed Pismo Beach over the weekend.

Surfers hit the waves while other beach goers soaked up the sun.

Many were seen walking the harbor or going fishing.

Restaurants were busy with customers eating lunch outdoors.

Old West Cinnamon Rolls drew long lines with customers Sunday morning and into the afternoon.

"I’m excited because it’s nice and sunny, and we’re about to eat some great cinnamon rolls, and have fun at the beach," says visitor Ariel Freitas.

Old West Cinnamon Rolls wasn’t the only place with a line.

Several of the restaurants, cafes and shops near the shore had long lines as well.

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Patricia Martellotti

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  1. It wasn’t all that packed.

    I was there.

    Posting these bullspit news.

    I registered just to saw google is a p.o.s. for posting these on my news feed.

  2. In other news, water is wet and we are surrounded by air.

    How about a story on how our local governments chose consumerism and tourism over the public health safety of us locals?

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