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Ghost Tours in Santa Barbara reveal mysteries in very common places

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Ghost Tours of Santa Barbara are revealing local hidden mysteries that most people would not be aware of when they walk by some very prominent sites.

College Professor Julie Brown knows of them.

She leads walks guests find especially insightful and often full of details they share with others.

Her tours have been exceptionally popular this week, with the Halloween spirit in the air.

Brown says ghosts and paranormal experiences are more common than people know or are willing to admit.

Guests on her tour not only introduce themselves, they also talk about their experiences with a ghost, if they have had one.

In Santa Barbara she says the downtown zone is full of ghost stories.

Her studies show the 1925 earthquake shook up not only the soil but some ghosts. On her tour she says they are friendly.

"I believe that 70 percent of downtown was destroyed and that something happened that is wonderful. The ghosts come back and say, 'Look at Santa Barbara! It is so much more beautiful than when we were here.' And they get to see lovely guests and coming back to a place that is very sacred and full of joy," said Brown.

Some tours include a stop at a local wine tasting room in the Presidio Neighborhood, one of the haunted sections of the city.

Some of the buildings where stories are told include the Post Office, the Lobero Theatre, the Pickle Room and City Hall.

Guests receive a special bag of gifts on the tour, including a rosary. Brown says they will scare off unwanted spirits.

For more information go to: Santa Barbara Ghost Tours

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