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Orcutt resident shares experience during insurgence at US Capital


ORCUTT, Calif. - Doug Dougherty of Orcutt just returned from Washington DC where he participated in the rally that led up to the attack on the US Capitol Wednesday.

"So we were singing and praying then that's when the teargas and flashbangs and everything just came down on us and the rubber balls and stuff. It was total chaos from there," Dougherty said.

He says the purpose of his trip was to join a peaceful Save America Rally.

"My reaction was devastation, you know, having traveled all that way on our own personal expense, during the time when money is not that easy to come by. And so you know what it took to go there and to see that happen, it was very devastating."

The Orcutt man said he wanted to go to DC to pray for the country as electoral votes were finalized. But instead, the rally turned into a riot where people broke into the capitol building.

"I felt called to go to DC, just with everything that's been happening, it's been weighing on my heart and my brother and I decided that we needed to go and pray for our country," said Dougherty.

While he found himself surrounded by the chaos, Doug said he tried to stop people from causing more violence and did not enter the capitol himself.

"And there were so many of us, so many of us trying desperately to keep it from getting out of hand, but the chaos ensued and it was just heartbreaking."

Now that Dougherty is safe at home, he hopes the country will find a way to come together.

"If America's going to make it, we have to be able to overcome this together in Orcutt."

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Patricia Martellotti is a reporter for NewsChannel 3-12. To learn more about Patricia, click here.


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  1. Ms. Martellotti,
    Please check your sources a little more closely. From what I can see of Mr. Dougherty’s social media profile, he was not there to just ‘pray’. On Twitter he said: “…We have to fight. The courts are corrupt. We can’t win a legal battle playing by the rules.” and “@LLinWood must be right over the target. Let’s give them what they deserve.” and re-tweeted: “…President @realDonaldTrump has always fought for us. Now is the time to FIGHT for him!…” From where I am sitting, he and the rest of the mob did exactly that: fight, not play by the rules, and dole out what he thought was “deserved”. He and the rest of the criminals should be called out not only for their inflammatory and hateful words but also by simply attending and promoting the rally. What exactly was the purpose of the rally? According to the states, the courts, and the voters, Trump lost and lost bigly. Trump lost by over 70 electoral votes – what Trump termed “a landslide” in the 2016 election. Trump lost the popular vote by 7 million. Trump lost in over 60 lawsuits. He never even proved one case of fraud. So again what was the rally about? To overturn a legitimately elected official just because they didn’t vote for that person? How undemocratic and treasonous. See: but also check FB and other social media.

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