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Paso Robles police receive 55 gift baskets from community as show of appreciation

paso robles police thank you gift paskets
Paso Robles Police Department on Facebook
Paso Robles police received a collection of gift baskets as a giant thank you present from the community on Friday.

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - The Paso Robles Police Department announced on Friday that they received 55 gift baskets as a huge 'thank you' from the community following the shootings that left multiple officers injured earlier this month.

The department said the gift baskets were filled with donations from the community and local businesses including snacks, gift cards, coffee and coffee cups, hand sanitizer, olive oil, cake pops, cup koozies, and more.

Community members even donated gift baskets to police dogs Ir and Renzo, the retiring and newest K-9s on the team respectively. "We keep waiting for one of them to open their baskets, however we keep finding the baskets hidden in different locations of the dept. 🤔 We're fairly certain they think they have to share their treats with us. We don't want the treats, but I did see one of the officers eyeing one of Renzo's new toys!" the police department said in a Facebook post.

Paso Robles police gave a huge thank you to Crystal Morris who they said coordinated the entire event.

Additional thank yous go out to everyone who contributed to the gift baskets or expressed their appreciation to officers.

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