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Lime green stripe goes down on State St. in Santa Barbara to help with safety

Lime green safety stripe
A new lime green stripe is on State St. in Santa Barbara for safety purposes. (Photo: John Palminteri)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The lime green stripe down the middle of intersections in the new Santa Barbara Promenade is there to get a safety message across to pedestrians and bike riders.

Since the redesign of the area began last May, there's been a variety of adjustments including outside dining sites, parklets, patios, and landscaping enhancements.

The latest is a 12-foot wide green stripe in the intersections.

Santa Barbara Transportation Planning Manager Rob Dayton says, it's common in traffic management. "As a cyclist when you are on the green lane, that's where you need to be, don't go outside the green lanes please.  Then in the middle of the block you need to watch for pedestrians and go slower and it's your responsibility to go around them. A pedestrian is not going to signal  their intentions. "

Dayton says the plan will include signage soon, once the paint is down and dry.

The stripe will be in place from Victoria Street to Ortega Street.

  It will be evaluated in the coming months once the project is finished and used.

He says bicyclists should be in the middle and within the green zone at every signal or intersection and stay there through the next blocks. That will create a safer zone for pedestrians in the other areas of the street or up on the sidewalk.

No bikes are allowed on the sidewalks.

The suggested rules apply for skateboarders and other forms of wheeled transportation that would be in the area.

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