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COVID-19 Delta variant mutates to Delta Plus as California reopens

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The Delta variant continues to be a concern by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The variant has been known to be more easily transmitted.

Both the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County public health departments have confirmed the Delta variant has been detected in our area.

Now, a new version of the Delta variant called "Delta-Plus" has been detected in the U.S.

In light of the new variants, health experts in Santa Barbara County are sharing how to maintain safety for the community.

The Delta variant also leaves children vulnerable to COVID-19. Those ages 2 to 11 have not yet been approved for the vaccine.

Pharmacist Sagar Asodia of JDX pharmacy is concerned.

"Yes this is very concerning because the variant is much more contagious," said Asodia.

Now, a new version of the Delta variant called the "Delta Plus" has been detected in the US.

"One person can spread on average to 5 to 6 people who are not immune and second of all even people who are vaccinated can still get symptoms and get reinfected," said Dr. Henning Ansorg at the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Heath experts say the Delta variant also leaves children vulnerable to COVID-19.

"Lately the biggest demand is from parents to vaccinate their children," said Asodia.

For kids ages 2 to 11 years old, the one group not yet vaccinated, Dr. Henning Ansorg and Asodia encourage parents to take extra safety precautions while California reopens.

"Try to sanitize as much as you can try to teach your kids to rub both sides of their hands and try to sanitize for at least thirty seconds to a minute. Try to have kids distance as much as possible especially in a crowded setting, and then insert at least keeping a meter apart from people," said Asodia.

In light of the delta variants, both health experts recommend avoiding any kind of crowded setting indoors.

So far the delta plus has only been detected in the state of Utah.

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