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Cottage Hospital vaccinating 75 and older at drive-thru clinic in Goleta

Cottage Hospital Drive-Thru Clinic
Scott Sheahen / KEYT

GOLETA, Calif. — Lots of smiles and cheerful thanks yous came from cars in Cottage Hospital’s drive-thru vaccination clinic Friday. This is the first week the hospital started vaccinating people 75 years and older.

One patient said she was on the fence about getting the vaccine. But, her family talked her into it. As she drove away she said she was happy she came and is relieved to be part of the vaccination process.

Another patient said she got the vaccine so she could return to her normal life sooner. She misses hugging her grandchildren and going to live concerts.

Cottage Hospital set up seven drive-thru lanes in the parking lot at 334 South Patterson Avenue in Goleta. Hospital staff said they are averaging 750 people per day. And if more vaccines are available they will try to increase to over 1,000 a day. 

The drive-thru style allow patients to stay in their cars while getting vaccinated. Staff writes what time the patient got the shot on the car window. And after a check from a doctor and a fifteen minute waiting period the patients are free to go.

To sign up for a vaccine go to Cottage Hospital’s website. Right now vaccines are by appointment only.

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