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Moderna vaccine batch linked to allergic reaction pulled from local use

Moderna vaccines linked to allergic reaction pulled from local use for now
COVID19 update
Tracy Lehr / NewsChannell 3-12

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif.--Santa Barbara County Public Health leaders called a virtual meeting to update the community on what they called the COVID19 situation.

The situation includes a Moderna batch linked to an allergic reaction among six people at a San Diego clinic.

Public Health officials learned about the reaction on Sunday.

"Six vacine-ees, out of thousands vaccinated required medical attention over the span of 24-hours. All appeared to be experiencing a severe allergic reaction during the standard observation periods of 15 to 30 minutes. Nobody required hospitalization, " said Santa Barbara County Public Health Deputy Director Paige Batson.

Santa Barbara County received 3900 doses from the same Moderna batch.

San Luis Obispo County received 4400 doses from the same batch.

No word on whether Ventura County received vaccines from the same batch.

When asked if the doses would be thrown out Batson said no.

She said they will know in the next few of days if the doses can still be used.

She said other counties have chosen to use them.

The state has given out about 33, 000 vaccinations from various companies.

Public Health Director Van Do-Reynoso, Ph.D. repeatedly said Santa Barbara County simply does not have enough of vaccines to meet the demand.

They are still vaccinating health care workers and seniors.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Manager Jan Koegler said they are still working to vaccinate frontline workers who work face-to-face with patients, not online.

They have vaccinated about 1200 people over the age of 75 and there are about 25,000 people in the age group in the county.

Do-Reynoso said they will not be taking vaccination appointments for people 65-and-up until they have the vaccines in the county to deliver.

The county also announced 5 new deaths and 49 ICU cases.

They say the numbers following holidays are not going down.

Do-Reynoso is placing the blame on gatherings and she said a number of outbreaks, meaning three or more cases, have been reported where people work outside the home.

Those case include people who work in grocery stores, hotels and agriculture.

Do-Reynoso is urging people not to travel and to only to do essential errands and to continue to wear masks, wash hands and practice physical distancing as much as possible to make the climbing death toll, hospitalizations and positive tests go down.

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