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Santa Barbara businesses to remain open for Fourth of July, but with strict rules

State Street prepares for Fourth of July
Scott Sheahen / KEYT

Santa Barbara, Calif. -- Fourth of July in Santa Barbara will not be the same this year. For starters there won't be any fireworks.

Santa Barbara is in the middle of what could be its fifth straight week of record setting new COVID-19 cases. The city decided to cancel all sponsored events to slow the spread of the virus.

Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo said, "Unfortunately the Fourth of July celebration is going to be virtual. Or it's going to be what you and your family decide you're going to do. If you stay with your own household, you're going to be fine. That's part of the rules."

For now, Mayor Murillo said the City does not have any plans to change what businesses can be open for the Fourth of July weekend.

She and other city leaders are reminding people if you go outside you're required to wear a mask, especially for the holiday.

"I assume people are going to go to the beach," said Mayor Murillo. "And that's where they're going to have to continue with what they have been doing, social distancing and being awfully careful being next to each other."

Locals on State Street have mixed thoughts on Fourth of July plans for businesses.

Kylee Yost was walking with her mom. Yost thinks less people should be out. She said, "Maybe reduce their hours just so that there's less people out and not encouraging as many people to be together."

While Brad Brown thinks we should proceed cautiously. "I think it should happen, but I think we should take real care and be very respectful of each other, keep distancing and wear our masks," said Brown.

And for a city dependent on tourism, not everyone is sure visitors should come for the Fourth.

Shane Langhans thinks people should be out, but locals only. "Because then you're bringing in outside conditions, right. Outside infections and people from L.A. If you're from south of Carp[interia] you've got to stay south of Carp."

More city workers plan to be on the beaches and state street to remind everyone to follow the rules.

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