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Oxnard woman given ‘Second Chance’ at a perfect smile

An Oxnard woman will get a second chance to smile just ahead of her wedding day.

OXNARD, Calif. – An Oxnard woman is getting a second chance at life with a new smile.

Alyssia Lopez, 28, was chosen as the first recipient of the Second Chance program from Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery.

Lopez was missing several front teeth, which she says has kept her from smiling.

“I was always just so embarrassed. Even if it is like going to a parent-teacher conference for my son. I never wanted to embarrass him, so I would just do things on the phone," said Lopez.

She was chosen for the All-on-4 treatment that replaces decayed and missing teeth with dental implants.

The young mother is getting a free smile makeover valued at over $50,000.

“This is an opportunity to change peoples lives. We selected Alyssia. At a very young age, 20, she is missing pretty much all of her teeth and this will give her an opportunity to start over and improve her self-esteem and quality of life. We are confident she will do great," said Dr. Hessam Siavash from Greater Ventura Oral and Facial Surgery.

The surgery will be just in time for her wedding that she has been putting off.

“It means that I can have my self-esteem back and I can have my personality back, and I can be more willing to do things in public," said Lopez.

The oral surgeons were shocked at how many people applied for the Second Chance Program.

“We were overwhelmed by the number of people who need care and don’t have access to care," said Dr. Siavash.

Lopez says she is grateful for this opportunity and to be able to smile big and wide on her special day.

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  1. First off I would like to congratulate Alyssa Lopez for receiving a second chance at getting the opportunity to get to smile again. I bet that will feel great. I hadn’t ever heard of this opportunity before reading this article but would like to thank The Ventura Greater 0ral and Facial Surgery Center for noticing how many people are in need of dental work and having this Second Chance at a Smile program which can change so many lives. I know first hand how hard it is to be malnourished and week all the time, or how much you wish you can laugh and smile like you must have before even thow long it has been or you really don’t have conversations with anyone anymore because of how ashamed you feel if your teeth show or because your shape of your face is not the same or especially because your teerh hurt so bad or crack and crumble when you try to chew so I have to be thankful someones life is getting that change. I also want to say thank you to the oral surgeon Dr. Hessam Siavash for opening his eyes and not just realizing but caring enough to help those in need which makes me feel miracles can happen and not to give up hope because I may one day get blessed just as Alyssa has so I got to believe its not over til its over just need faith. I hope other oral surgeons will follow the same path and open their hearts just as the Greater Ventura Oral and Surgery has. Thanks for sharing this story! Good luck Alyssa.

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