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CDC announces new mask guidelines

“I think that’s awesome I think everybody’s just ready to get back to normal and at least we can follow some guidelines but at least they’re not so strict you know," said resident Summer Dean of Santa Maria.

After a year of masking, the CDC says people who are fully vaccinated can skip the mask outdoors.

But there are conditions.

You can unmask outdoors if you are walking, running, hiking or biking alone or with members of your household.

That's something that was allowed previously in California, but now the rules are even more relaxed.

"We realize it as we’ve gotten more information on how COVID-19 is transmitted, We realized that there are certain environments where you can mitigate the risk and one of those is being outdoors," said Dr. Scott Robertson at Marian Regional Medical Center.

The CDC says you can also take off your mask at small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

"If you were vaccinated and you were outdoors the CDC, in a very non-crowded environment, is saying that really you don’t need to wear a mask, because you’re likelihood of either having COVID-19 or being able to transmit COVID-19, based on your vaccination status and based on the fact that you’re outside, is extraordinarily low," said Robertson.

Those who are fully vaccinated can also go mask free while dining at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households.

While masks are not required all the time, Robertson said it's still important for people to use common sense.

"The most important thing, if you were sick or having any sort of upper respiratory symptoms it’s important that you stay home," said Robertson.

"The hope is that it will be over soon, that we can travel again, and everything will be opened up so we can enjoy life again," said resident Corry Fryer of Santa Maria.

The CDC announcement to the new mask guidelines was made on Tuesday.

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