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Hardy Diagnostics makes millions of COVID-19 related devices to help save lives

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - There's a lot of noise inside Hardy Diagnostics.

But the FDA-licensed manufacturer has been getting noisier since the pandemic started.

"We didn't realize how big of an issue it would be, and so when that hit, we started ramping up on these products," said director of manufacturing Aaron Buckley of Hardy Diagnostics.

Products like plates, tubes, and bottles are used by microbiologists to detect bacteria.

They're all devices that make COVID-19 testing possible.

"So you can see under the microscope healthy cells and not healthy cells when the virus is present," said quality control manager Zachary Hoffman of Hardy Diagnostics.

As the pandemic worsened, the medical device company switched gears, kicking it into overdrive.

"We immediately started working Saturdays, Sundays, working tons of overtime, during a time when the stress of their work and personal life was at its highest," said Buckley.

Sales soared.

"During the peak of the pandemic, we hired 40 more workers to help us with the viral transport," said CEO Jay Hardy of Hardy Diagnostics.

Demands of their products increased locally, nationally and worldwide.

The company started receiving contracts from several government agencies.

"The biggest one being the California Department of Health," said Hardy.

"Our products save lives. We make an impact in the community. We are part of that process. We make sure they have the tools they need to save a life. So we feel really motivated like you're saying, because we feel like we're making a difference," said Hoffman.

Much of their work involves speed, precision, and accuracy.

But no one seems to mind the extra hours caused by the pandemic.

"I know a lot of family members affected by COVID-19. So making this product so everyone can get tested is something good," said production technician Susanna Estrada of Hardy Diagnostics.

"It’s bittersweet obviously you know had a huge impact on many of our employees and at the same time we were able to for fill that need and this type of service to help combat the COVID-19 spread,” said Buckley.

Hardy said they're just glad they can help in the fight against the coronavirus. "We played a very big role in that, and we are very proud to be able to serve in that way."

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