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SMPD targeting speeders as traffic volume increases


SANTA MARIA, Calif. - If you've noticed roads are getting busier, and cars are going faster, you’re not alone.

Melissa Fuentes is excited about getting back to work soon. "It’s going to be boosting Our economy will be able to start shopping and doing things that we haven’t been able to do for two months."

But she’s concerned about safety on the roads. "There’s a lot more traffic. And the roads are just dangerous."

Officer David Brewer with the Santa Maria Police Department says he's seeing more speeders than he would like. "We’re back doing traffic enforcement. We’re looking for speeders. People are running red lights. Any moving violation that’s affecting other people."

For the past few months, Brewer has seen less traffic due to the stay at home order.

"But as the state and county moves to open up businesses and everything people are going out and they’re venturing out and they’re driving more and speed is definitely an issue. CHP has been counting left and right with people going over 100 on the freeway," said Brewer.

Even downtown, some drivers are going well over the 20 miles an hour limit.

"We just want to tell drivers that the patients drive safe follow the laws like you should be like you used to and just remember that as you go out other people are going out on the road as well and it is getting more crowded," Brewer said.

Starting this week officers will be increasing law enforcement throughout the city.

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Patricia Martellotti

Patricia Martelotti is a reporter at KEYT|KCOY|KKFX.