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Lompoc Council - District 1

Gilda Cordova

Gilda Cordova
Gilda Cordova - Lompoc City Council Candidate

Lompoc City Council - District 1

Facebook: Gilda Cordova For Lompoc City Council
Why are you running for office?: I’m running to build a better Lompoc – one with an inclusive vision and a bright future, one with safer, healthier neighborhoods and the improved infrastructure and partnerships needed for higher paying jobs.
What makes you qualified for the job?: As a City Council Member since 2019, I’ve brought a fresh, honest approach and the voice of the entire community, not just a select few, to challenges we face. I am prepared to continue the work I started and committed to taking actions steps to create positive impactful change to the City of Lompoc for its residents. 
What are your two main priorities if you win?: 1. Creating a Budget model that begins to adequately plan for the future of Lompoc is key towards taking the first steps toward real change. We need to have allocations for the replacement of critical life safety equipment, capital improvement reserves, and allocations towards the maintenance and improvement of our parks and recreational areas.  

2. Public safety for me is about crime prevention, building safer neighborhoods where our hard working families feel safe and where our kids can play without fear or threat. It's about building stronger ties between our police and our community by providing tools to our Police Department so that they can do their job with more security and while being able to provide the highest level of life safety and crime safety services to our residents.
How will you interact with other governments?: I feel that the best climate for change is coming together and working in collaboration with our partner governing agencies to maximize resources and opportunities for Lompoc. Having a seat at the table with our partners is valuable to me so that Lompoc's voice can be heard.
What are your plans to help overcome COVID-19?: Now more than ever it is crucial that Lompoc have a well thought out Economic Development recovery plan. We need to be better partners to our community stakeholders and make sure that we are open for business to anyone that is looking to invest into our community and to our current local businesses. I call to action that we must find a way to improve our revenues, create business partnerships that bring development and business opportunities into Lompoc, promote Lompoc through a positive image showcasing our Cities uniqueness, streamlining a true business friendly environment at City Hall that does not eliminate cost recovery for the City but that it provides for a comprehensive plan that will help potential business owners and developers to move their way through our processes with ease from beginning to end of their projects.
Which two issues are most important to you?: It's hard to say because there are so many issues to tackle and all are important to me but if I was to focus on the items that I most get feedback from the residents of Lompoc, I would have to say that it is crime prevention and homelessness that are constantly leading the conversation. Both items I am actively already working on to figure out ways to make steady impacts with the limited resources we currently face.
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