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Goleta Council

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards - Goleta City Council candidate

Goleta City Council

Why are you running for office?: I am eager to continue my work on behalf of the community, while leading with integrity and a collaborative spirit. I will continue to address issues that are important to Goletans, including: transportation infrastructure and alternatives; fiscal responsibility and economic stability; housing affordability; homelessness; environmental stewardship and sustainability; transparency and public participation; and Old Town improvements. More than ever, I am dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life here, for our residents and businesses.
What makes you qualified for the job?: Over the last four years in office, I have had a successful record of accomplishment. With my leadership, the City has moved forward on a number of important issues, including: Old Town improvements (Jonny D. Wallis Park and our sidewalk project), Public Safety (Coastal Commission approval of Fire Station 10 and our Homelessness Strategic Plan), Transportation (a vigorous road repair program, Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan, and improvements to our infrastructure), Fiscal Responsibility (balancing our budget and finding ways for the City to save money), protection of our Natural Resources (Ellwood Butterfly Habitat and environmental protections in our New Zoning Ordinance), and sustainability (moving toward our goal of being fossil-free by 2030). 
What are your two main priorities if you win?: 1. Economic Stability: Ensuring the City’s fiscal stability and promoting economic development in light of the COVID crisis and falling revenues/ increased expenses, while at the same time maintaining quality services that our residents deserve and expect.

2. Natural Resources: Protecting our quality of life by preserving and enhancing Goleta’s natural beauty and resources, including mountain views, streams, creeks and beaches, precious butterfly and other habitats.
How will you interact with other governments?: I have collaborated successfully with neighboring jurisdictions like the City and County of Santa Barbara, UCSB, and I serve on the governing Board of Central Coast Community Energy. Through my interactions, I have earned the trust and endorsement of a wide range of elected officials, including: State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Assemblymember Monique Limon, County Supervisors Hart, Hartmann, and Williams, and others.
What are your plans to help overcome COVID-19?: I will support our businesses and tax base through a robust Economic Development Plan and continue our efforts to protect the health and welfare of our community through appropriate measurers like wearing masks. I will continue to find new sources of income for our City, including reinitiating the Revenue Neutrality Agreement with the County, which has redirected over $100 million since we incorporated 18 years ago.
Which two issues are most important to you?: 1. Ensuring our economic stability

2. Protecting our natural resources.
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