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2020 Voter Guide

Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett - Candidate for CA Assembly District 37

State Assembly - District 37

Why are you running for office?: For 20 years I have been working to create good government policies as a county supervisor. I want to continue that work in the California Assembly.
What makes you qualified for the job?: My track record of good government policies created as a county supervisor are what qualifies me for this position.

I have crafted the toughest campaign reform laws for local government and they have reduced the influence of big money in our local elections. I brought fiscal integrity to Ventura County's budget with 20 balanced budgets in a row.

I have led many important environmental protection efforts. The most noteworthy was the organization of the SOAR citizen initiative campaigns. We formed a volunteer organization that gathered nearly 200,000 signatures over multiple campaigns. Now nearly all the land zoned open space or agriculture in Ventura County cannot be rezoned for development without a vote of the people 
What are your two main priorities if you win?: Increasing our efforts to deal with climate change. Most immediately, we need ways to effectively store our clean renewable energy before we can get to 100% clean energy.

Address the negative impacts of growing income inequality that is trapping more and more people. They need affordable housing, access to good medical care and good educational opportunities for themselves and their children.
How will you interact with other governments?: Collaboratively whenever possible. Firmly if they are undermining the good government efforts made by the State of California.
What are your plans to help overcome COVID-19?: Make sure we have common sense policies that allow us to open up safely and appropriately as restrictions are reduced.
Which two issues are most important to you?: Democracy is something you cannot take for granted. It is under serious threat in America today.

Integrity and real empathy in public service.

State Assembly - District 37
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