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2020 Voter Guide

Christopher Diaz

Christopher Diaz
Christopher Diaz - Santa Maria City Council candidate

Santa Maria City Council - District 1

Why are you running for office?: I am running for office to create better economic opportunities for the young adults that I teach at Allan Hancock College. We need to find better ways to utilize our local talent for our local needs. I also have two daughters that I am raising in this community and sending to our public schools. I want to be involved with helping create the kind of community in which I would like to see them grow. A city with this many families needs a family man on the council who understands their needs.
What makes you qualified for the job?: I will always tell the truth to my constituents, and I will always vote with the intention of doing what's best for the 25,000 people I would like to represent. I will stand up to power, and speak the truth when it is most difficult. I will write back to constituents who write to me, and I will bring their concerns directly to the forum. I am not afraid to give a voice to those who feel disenfranchised. I will always listen to as many ideas as possible when looking for the best ways to serve our community. 
What are your two main priorities if you win?: I would like to invest in our public schools and to develop our public parks and recreations services by hiring more teachers and more public servants. I would also like to help unionize the vast number of people in our city who struggle to survive on unlivable wages. Where we can not legislate, we should stand in support of the people.
How will you interact with other governments?: I will concede and submit to jurisdictions outside of my own, while being open to the concerns and interests of how policies within my jurisdiction can impact successful enforcement of laws and codes. I will actively work with our neighbors in southern SLO county to promote events and tourism, as we are more closely related to them, than the southern part of SB county. I will aggressively lobby for state and federal aid when the largest city between Ventura and the Bay Area is hit by something as drastic as COVID-19.
What are your plans to help overcome COVID-19?: We will listen to experts, scientists and doctors. We will follow protocols established by people who have dedicated their lives to these situations. We will stop humoring the behavior of our citizens who ignorantly believe their reckless actions to be an act of political protest. We will aggressively ticket and fine those who willfully disobey the law, and use that funding to finance the ideas behind my campaign. It is the same method that was used to successfully enforce seat belt laws meant to curb vehicle fatality rates, when the public initially refused to comply. We will use history and science as our guide.
Which two issues are most important to you?: I would like to tackle our juvenile delinquency problems by investing in our public schools and public parks and recreation systems. This not only includes infrastructure, but more public servants. I would also like to establish a rent control law to protect our retired citizens living in the many senior mobile home parks located within my district. As a former mobile home resident myself, I absolutely detest people accumulating wealth at the expense of our seniors. It's time we change the way we treat and respect the elderly in this country.

Extended Interview with Christopher Diaz

Santa Maria Council - District 1
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